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Environmental protection policy


We are aware that all the actions we take affect our environment. We are aware of the progressing climate change that affects the quality and living conditions, social justice and the well-being of the natural environment. That is why we feel responsible for monitoring and minimizing our negative impact on the environment. We also undertake to comply with Polish and international standards in this regard.

Our actions:

  • analysis and building awareness of the impact of our activities on the natural environment
  • compliance with applicable environmental laws and any other environmental guidelines and standards
  • setting objectives related to the protection of the natural environment as part of our activities
  • creating awareness and effective implementation of the assumptions of our environmental protection policy, also through educational activities and training for our employees
  • planning our projects taking into account their impact on the natural environment, including biodiversity, and implementing them in a way that minimizes this impact as much as possible.

What we want to achieve:

  • reducing the consumption of resources, including energy and water in offices and in the production process
  • using renewable energy sources whenever possible
  • reducing waste production by reusing resources and recycling where possible
  • disposal of waste that is hazardous and harmful to the environment, including chemical substances that are hazardous to soil, water, animals and other living organisms, in a manner consistent with the law
  • taking into account the provisions of the environmental protection policy in decisions related to the supply and transport of our products
  • reducing the level of noise and carbon dioxide emissions related to our operations
  • monitoring the environmental impact of our business trips and promoting the use of environmentally friendly means of transport
  • reducing the number of business trips by choosing alternative working methods, eg video and teleconferences
  • promoting the idea of sustainable development in the local environment