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Automated station type ST-3/-CNC for welding studs to steel sheets

The ST-3/-CNC type automated station has been designed to enable welding of various types of studs, in any configuration, to steel sheets of various sizes and shapes. The station is equipped with three welding heads, supplied by vibrating stud feeders and capacitor current sources installed in the rear part of the station. Range of welded studs: M4-M8 standard and M8 flanged, low carbon steel and stainless steel with lengths ranging from 6 to 30 mm.

The frame and table of the station are made of aluminum profiles, the table top with homing elements is covered with an insulating board. On the right side of the table there are connectors for 5 pneumatic clamps basing the detail in the place of welding and supplying electricity. A portal equipped with welding heads moves over the table in the XY axes.

After selecting the appropriate welding technology, the operator:

  1. arranges sheet metal details on the table using base elements, which can be adjusted depending on the size of the detail
  2. places the pneumatic clamp so that it touches the detail, opens the compressed air valve, the clamp is sucked to the worktop, keeping the detail in the right position during welding
  3. leaves the safety curtain area
  4. presses start, the portal with the heads reaches the points in accordance with the selected technology, the stud is automatically fed and welded, after all the studs are welded, the portal returns to the base position.

There are safety curtains at the front and sides of the stand and service doors with safety switches at the back. Cycle start buttons are mounted on the front safety curtains. On the right side of the station there is an HMI operator panel where you can create, edit and save welding technologies (pin coordinates and its type).