and robotization

Inverter station type ST1/1-CN for drawn arc welding of studs to the fuel tank bracket

The ST1/1-CN station is based on the PRO-I 1300 inverter power source and the PRO-SPLIT adapter. The welder was equipped with two Powerflex arms, on which PHA-500 stud welding guns were mounted. Gun mandrels are fed automatically by VBZ-S01 feeders.

The station is prepared to work with interchangeable devices. On the devices there are sensors for the presence of the bracket and pins and sensors for the type of gun.

The station works in a semi-automatic cycle. The operator places a bracket on the device mounted on the station, to which the pins will be welded, and using the appropriate PHA-500 gun mounted on the POWERFLEX arm, welds the pins in the positions designated by means of centering sleeves. The sequence and correctness of the operation are signaled by the lights. After all the pins are heated, the operator removes the finished detail from the device.

The welder together with the devices are controlled by a master PLC Siemens controller. Communication between the operator and the machine takes place via the Siemens HMI panel.