and robotization

Semi-automatic inverter station type SP-1/1x25/MF for resistance welding of current coil elements

The SP-1/1×25/MF semi-automatic inverter station is used for welding pins with the MnMx current coil.

The station is equipped with a TECNA inverter transformer with a capacity of 25 kVA (P-50%) and 2 welding actuators, which allow to weld 2 pins to the wires located on both sides of the coil. The welding device is equipped with a set of sensors for detecting the correct fixing of details, as well as clamps and positioning elements that ensure the correct positioning of details during the welding process. After correct assembly of details on the device and pressing the buttons of the two-hand control, the device enters the closed welding area, which ensures the operator’s safety.

The pneumatic system is equipped with a proportional valve that ensures smooth adjustment of the electrode clamping force. A water cooler has been installed in the machine, which ensures efficient cooling of components.

A master PLC system from Schneider is used to control the device. At the front of the device, on an articulated arm, there is an HMI operator panel. At the back of the station, there is a TECNA TE700 controller used to set the welding parameters.