and robotization

Station type S-WPT for spring seat pressing and pin welding.

The station was designed for the production of car shock absorber elements. The main components of the device are a KISTLER column press with electric drive, for pressing the spring seat and the NELSON head, for automatic welding of the pin to the side wall of the pipe. In the working area of the press there are removable lower and upper tools for positioning of parts. Efficient replacement of the tooling is ensured by quick couplers and a tool identification system and automatic recall of appropriate welding parameters.

At the customer’s request, the station is equipped with a Poka-Yoke parts presence detector and a COGNEX vision system that controls the correct welding of the pin. On the side of the device, there is a scrap separator with an input detector and fill level sensor. The station was enclosed with a protective cabin with welding shafts and a pneumatically raised front curtain, equipped with the Schmersal safety bar. In the front of the station there is an operator panel with a Siemens PLC master controller and a KISTLER press controller.