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DC station type SG 2/1x400 for projection welding of nuts to steel profiles

The device, manufactured in 2018, is another version of a double-section welding station for welding of various kinds of nuts to steel profiles and pipes – the elements of the exhaust system. Thanks to the use of two work sections, several welding operations can be performed on one welding machine, and one operator is enough to operate the station. Each socket has been equipped with DESTACO homing devices and sensors for detecting details and their correct positioning (poka-yoke). In both sockets, the welding tooling is interchangeable and have been adapted for quick replacement.

Working areas are protected by optical barriers and shields with the Schmersal pressure safety bar. The welding machine uses a 400 kVA (P-50%) TECNA transformer of 150kA welding current. Each section is equipped with a TECNA welding cylinder with a pressure of 3388 daN (at 6.5 bar) with BALLUFF sensors measuring the path. The control unit TE553 from TECNA and the main PLC control system from Siemens were used to control the device.