and robotization

Robotised station type SL-2/1x200 for pressing and seam welding of base cup to the reservoir tube

The automated welding station performs the process of pressing the bottom to the pipe and welding on the circumference to obtain a tight connection of details.

The loading of details is carried out automatically by means of a robot with a vision system for collecting pipes from the basket and a vibrator for delivery of the bottoms. A BOSCH electric servo-press was used to press the bottoms into the pipes. The control of the clamping force is carried out by KISTLER piezoelectric force and position transducers.

A welding transformer TECNA 200 kVA (P = 50%) was installed inside the body of the device. The welding process is carried out by means of two welding modules, each of which consists of a TECNA welding cylinder with a pressure of 736 daN at 0.65 MPa and a welding head with a short-circuit current of 24 kA driven by a servo motor.

A RFID system was used to identify the instrumentation and automatically recall the assigned welding parameters. It is possible to start the device after identifying the operator with the card and obtaining the assigned level of access to the device.

At the Customer’s request, the device uses solutions that allow to perform additional precise process measurements, including the actual electrode force and actuator path along with the diagrams. In addition, the device is equipped with an automatic regeneration system for disk electrodes with diameter control and a central lubrication system DROPSA.

The master PLC system from Siemens is used to control the device. In the front of the device there is a SIMATIC HMI operator panel and TECNA welding parameters controller. A MIYACHI meter was used for extended measurement of the process parameters.