and robotization

Multifunction inverter welders for spot welding of sheet metal and spatial elements

The E-tech series is a new group of inverter welders dedicated to the end-of-line plants. The variety of machines together with the excellent capabilities of the TE760 welding parameter controller create machines that can be widely used both for workshops e.g. car body repairs and on industrial assembly lines.

Main features:
  • Fully water-cooled “C” type gun providing a force of 450 daN at 8 bar
  • The welding guns are connected to the machine through two extra-flexible water-cooled cables 2400 mm long
  • TE760 microprocessor control unit of industrial design
  • MF inverter control with IGBT
  • Simplified programming by means of 9 keys and backlit graphic display
  • Storage of 150 welding programs
  • Up to 15 programable parameters for each program
  • Slope up, slope down, pulses, pre-weld, post-weld functions and adjustment of the welding times with 1ms resolution
  • Display of the welding current RMS and of the use percentage of the welding machine
  • 2 operating modes: constant current and FIX
  • Welding current limits and inverter use percentage
  • Stepper function to compensate the electrodes wear with programmable curves
  • Single and automatic cycle
  • WELD and NO WELD function
  • Self-adjustment at mains frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Communication via USB port
  • Selectable languages
MODEL 3660E-tech3670E-tech
Supply voltage/FrequencyV/Hz400/50-60
Mains protection (delayed)A3240
Nominal power (p=50% ED)kVA2525
Max welding powerkVA125180
Max secondary currentkA912
Weld times0,01-20,01-2