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Universal inverter welding machine with table, for spot welding of metal sheets and spatial elements 160 kVA

The spot welder is constructed in the form of a support pole equipped with two movable arms with welding guns. Inside the body, a 1000 Hz high frequency inverter has been installed, with a power of 160kVA (P = 50%) and a 42kA short-circuit current. Welding cylinders with 300 daN pressure force at 0.65 MPa are installed on the arms. Instead of the lower electrode, a copper table was used with a working surface of 1000x800x15 mm and height adjustable in the range of 650 – 850 mm. Such a construction of the device allows for convenient welding of details of various shapes and sizes, including spatial ones. During welding, details can be placed anywhere on the table, and movable arms with properly constructed guns, provide comfortable access to the welding spot while moving horizontally as well as vertically.