and robotization

Inverter station type 6128/S/MF with instruments for resistance welding the bolt and housing of the automotive belts retractor

The 6128/S/MF station is based on a standard TECNA inverter projection welding machine with a power of 160 kVA (P = 50%). The welder is equipped with two interchangeable devices for spot welding of two types of the car belt retractor housing and welding of the bolt to the housing.

The devices are equipped with pneumatic actuators for homing and clamping the workpiece. Two pneumatic tongs are responsible for spot welding, the position of which (top, bottom) is regulated by pneumatic actuators. The devices are equipped with inductive sensors to detect the correct insertion of the workpiece and the bolt.

The welding machine and the device are controlled by a Siemens PLC controller and a TE700 microprocessor controller of welding parameters. An optical curtain and a cage made of aluminum profiles are responsible for the operator’s safety during the work of the operator.