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Welding machines with tooling

Below we present the practical use of basic projection welding machines, which are equipped with appropriate welding tooling, designed for welding various spatial details. One welding machine can work with several different tools, which thanks to the appropriate design can be easily replaced. Welding parameters assigned for a given tool are recalled automatically after its installation. The tooling can be equipped with detectors of details presence and position. At the customer’s request, the welding machines can be enclosed with a safety cage with optical or mechanical barriers.

We invite you to watch films presenting the operation of the following projection welding machines with accessories.

Welding machine with device

The device is based on a standard table projection welder model 2132 manufactured by TECNA with a rated power of 63 kVA (P = 50%) and electrode clamping force of 736 daN (at 6 bar). The welding machine is equipped with a specially designed socket for perpendicular welding of the pipe or threaded rod to the foot…..

The station is based on a standard 1000 Hz inverter welding machine manufactured by TECNA model 6128S with rated power (P-50%) of 160 kVA, with a pneumatic cylinder with a force of 1242 daN….

The station is based on the basic inverter spot welder 6075A, power 56 kVA (P = 50%), produced by TECNA. In order to automatically weld details in several points, the bottom arm of the welding machine was redesigned and equipped with a movable table,…

A 400 kVA (P-50%) DC power welding station with replaceable tools was designed to join the components of the car exhaust system. The use of a several different tools enables the welding of a wide range of details on one device. After change of the tooling…

Because of the complexity of the process, an inverter technology was used to guarantee high quality of joints. The welding machine is equipped with base-welding tooling, with sensors for correct assembly of parts. In addition, at customer’s request a safety cage for the operator…

A 250 kVA (P-50%) DC welder has been fitted with the tooling for basing and welding of the bearing shield elements. Thanks to the use of DC sources, high welding currents have been achieved to allow the projection welding of thick metal parts. At customer’s …

The welder is equipped with two exchangeable tools with a quick-setting system and automatic triggering of the welding parameters programmed for each tool. Sensors for correct alignment of the components were installed. In addition, a safety cage for the operator,..

The welder is equipped with three interchangeable tools with quick-setting and automatic triggering of parameters programmed for each tool. On the tooling sensors for correct alignment of the components were installed. One of the tools was equipped with an X-axis…

A 100 kVA (P-50%) projection welder is equipped with a rotary tool for welding four nuts. This increases the efficiency of the station. The use of TUENKERS ceramic pins and clamps for details positioning results in high precision welding….