and robotization

Inverter station type 6128S for spot-projection welding of nuts to car seat bracket

The station is based on a standard 1000 Hz inverter welding machine manufactured by TECNA model 6128S with rated power (P-50%) of 160 kVA, with a pneumatic cylinder with a force of 1242 daN.

The welder is equipped with welding tooling, which can be exchanged depending on the shape of the welded details. The bottom device, on which the bracket is placed, has a movable pin for resting the nut in the welding position. The pin zone is kept clean by blowing the compressed air at a programmed frequency, which prevents possible obliteration and pin blocking.

The stand is enclosed with a cage made of aluminum profiles with a scrap separator and a ramp for discharge of welded details. The operator’s safety is ensured by the front optical barrier SICK. The Siemens PLC system is used to control the device.

In the front of the device there is an HMI operator panel. The TE700 controller from TECNA was used for welding parameters control, which allows parameterization of 300 different welding programs.