and robotization

Inverter welding station type SP-2/1x56MF with movable table working in XY axes

The station is based on the basic inverter spot welder 6075A, power 56 kVA (P = 50%), produced by TECNA. In order to automatically weld details in several points, the bottom arm of the welding machine was redesigned and equipped with a movable table, working in XY axes and driven by servomechanism. On the table, changeable tooling is mounted. The tooling is equipped with a tool identification system with automatic recall of the assigned welding parameters, detail presence detectors and pneumatic clamps for their homing. In order to efficiently replace the tools, quick-connect couplings and multi-pin plugs have been used. This solution allows for multi-spot welding of various models of details on one welding station.

The device has two top-bottom pressure systems with a clamping force of 470 daN each, with an initial stroke and a proportional valve for the electronic regulation of the clamping force. The device is controlled by Siemens master PLC system and TECNA TE700 welding parameters controller. In the front of the device there is a SIMATIC HMI operator panel. The cabin is equipped with a pneumatically raised shield with a safety bar and SCHMERSAL optical barriers.