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Measurements & Service

3D measurements with FaroArm Edge

We make precise measurements of details in 3D using the FaroArm Edge. It is an innovative, portable, co-ordinated measuring device that allows easy verification of the quality of manufactured parts thanks to 3D controls, dimensional analysis, CAD data, tool certification, etc. The FaroArm guarantees the highest accuracy, consistency and reliability of measurements. Measurements can be performed at the SMOLTECH headquarters or at the Customer’s location.

  • Measurement range 2,7 m
  • Accuracy in the single point test – 0,029 mm
  • Accuracy in the volume test – 0,041 mm
  • Arm certified in accordance with the new, rigorous ISO 10360-12 standard

Measurements of welding parameters with TE1700C

We offer measurements of welding current, voltage and clamping force of electrodes on customer welders using a portable TE 1700C meter. The measurements are carried out on AC, DC welding machines, inverter and capacitor welding machines.

  • AC measurements: actual RMS current, peak current values, conduction angle in degrees, welding time in cycles with a 1/2 cicle resolution, actual RMS voltage, effective value and peak voltage, delivered energy…
  • DC/MFDC measurements: actual RMS current, peak currents, conduction angle in degrees of current rise time and flow time in [ms], effective and peak voltage value, measurement of DC welding time with an accuracy of 1 ms.
  • CD measurements: welding time in [ms], actual RMS current, conduction angle in degrees, current rise time and flow time in [ms], peak value of current, drop time, effective and peak voltage.
  • Measurement of clamping force: maximum and minimum force values at the beginning and end of the welding cycle.


  • Modernizations and repairs of welding machines.
  • Performing power projects and automation of welding equipment for multi-spot welding machines, specialized welding stations (servicing advanced instrumentation, quality control systems, software PLCs, operator panels with process visualization, servomotors, inverters and other devices), spot welding, projection welding and linear welding machines.
  • Technical and technological consultancy on welding processes.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.