and robotization


Selection and sale of basic resistance welding machines for workshop and industry. Modern and reliable spot and projection welders for welding metals: flat sheets, cross bars, nuts and bolts, and spatial elements.

Universal stationary, table and suspended welding machines for unit and industrial production. Welding tests, technology selection, consulting.

Selection of  resistance welding machines, design and production of  tooling, commissioning and implementation for production process.

Examples of devices for the metal and automotive industry built on the basis of basic spot-projection and projection welders, equipped with tooling for homing and resistance welding of spatial elements.

Design and production of specialized welding stations and multi-functional technological lines with any degree of automation. Equipped with advanced safety systems, control and measurement of process parameters.

Resistance welding machines for the  automotive  and metal industry, multi-spot welders for fencing and construction meshes.

We build multi-spot welding machines for fencing panels, mining meshes, gabions, grates, etc. We match the degree of automation of the process to the specificity of production and customer requirements: from manual loading of rods into templates, to automatic feeders for 2D and 3D meshes, a panel bending press or a collection system and palletizing finished meshes. We provide adequate performance, reliability and the highest quality of welding.

We design and produce tooling for resistance and arc welding stations according to customer technical requirements. The tooling can be equipped with manual or automatic basing systems, as well as full or partial control of welded items positioning.

Controllers, welding transformers, actuators, pressure systems, balancers, water chillers, electrodes, welding parameter testers.

We specialize

We specialize in the field of metal resistance welding. We offer both basic spot and projection welders with instruments, as well as comprehensive development and implementation of specialized welding devices and technological lines. Based on the customers technical requirements, we develop technology, design and manufacture resistance welding stations. Our portfolio includes conventional and inverter, projection, spot and multi-spot welding machines, e.g. metal mesh welding machines or seam welding lines, e.g. car shock absorbers welding stations. The devices differ in the degree of automation, from manual placement of details through the use of vibrating feeders to robots. Our welders work in many factories in the automotive and metal industries in Poland and in the world. We invite you to watch welding machines in the REALIZATIONS tab.