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Basic spot and projection welding machines

Our offer includes a wide range of modern, reliable spot welders: stationary, table and suspended for universal applications, both in industrial and individual production. We also provide projection welders with different capacities, to which we design and produce special welding tooling at the customer’s request.

The machines we offer come from the Italian brand TECNA S.p.A., which is one of the largest manufacturers of resistance welding machines in Europe. These are durable and reliable machines, equipped with a microprocessor controller for welding parameters, water cooling, and lubricant-free elements of pneumatics. The large construction diversity of devices, the type of transformer used, and a wide range of power and clamping forces allows to choose the right welding machine for each task.

A novelty in our offer, designed for our clients’ needs, is a universal inverter welding machine with a table, for spot welding of metal sheets and spatial elements.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of basic welders.