and robotization

Projection welding machine with a power of 200 kVA (P=50%) with two actuators for welding the bottom of a car shock absorber

The station is based on a 6710 inverter welding machine manufactured by TECNA with a power of 200 kVA (P = 50%) equipped with two welding actuators with a pressure force of 1242 daN.

The welding machine is equipped with a device for welding elements of the bottom of a car shock absorber. Convertible sockets of the lower device allow for welding details of various dimensions. The correct installation of details is controlled using homing pins, rings and inductive sensors.

The operator manually places the parts on the lower device and presses the START button. After welding is completed, the finished parts are automatically lifted, pushed onto the chute ramps and fall into containers placed on the sides of the machine.

The welding machine and the device are controlled by a master Siemens PLC controller and a TE700 microprocessor controller for welding parameters. The operator’s safety is ensured by a cage made of aluminum profiles and polycarbonate screens, as well as a front optical curtain and spark protection covers.