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Semi-automatic station SG-1/1x200MF for welding nuts with car seat elements and engraving markings

The semi-automatic SG-1/1x200MF station is designed for welding nuts to car seat panels and engraving markings. The station is based on a standard TECNA model 6125N inverter welding machine with a rated power (P-50%) of 200 kVA, with a pneumatic actuator with a pressure force of 1242 daN.

The welding machine is equipped with welding toolings that can be replaced depending on the shape of the welded details. The lower tooling has movable ceramic pins used to base the nut in the welding position. The appropriate position of the welded nut relative to the axis of the upper electrode is obtained by combining linear movements of the lower device in two perpendicular axes.

The station was enclosed with a cage made of aluminum profiles with a scrap separator inside. Operator safety is ensured by a front optical barrier. The device is controlled by a master Siemens PLC system. In the front of the device there is an HMI operator panel with a welding parameter controller.