and robotization

Inverter mesh welding machine type SW-51/5x200/MF for production of 2D and 3D fence panels

The presented welding machine is used for automatic welding of fencing panels with maximum dimensions of 2500 mm x 2500 mm from rods with diameters from 3 to 8 mm. All bars are fed automatically by 3 feeders: transverse, longitudinal and side for feeding an additional lower transverse bar in 2D panels.

The welding machine is based on 5 x 1000 Hz inverter transformers, each with a power of 200 kVA (P-50%) and 51 three-chamber welding actuators with a pressure of 330 kg at 10 bar. Behind the welding field there is a hydraulic press with a pressure of 150 tons for the production of 3D bent panels.

At the end of the receiving table there is a zone for automatic picking up and palletizing the nets. In the palletizing zone, the feeder stacks the welded panels. Due to the use of a rotary table, ready panels are collected by means of a forklift, regardless of the operation of the machine.

On an operator panel there is a master computer and the TecnaNet program for programming five TECNA TE700 controllers to set welding parameters: current value, air pressure, welding time, … Due to the dimensions of the machine, an additional mobile control panel with a touch screen and a 15-meter cable was used on the machine, which enables convenient control of machine components in the service mode.