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Multi-spot welding machine type SW-18/9x32/AC for welding steel mesh in templates

The multi-point welding machine type SW-18/9×32/AC is designed for automatic welding of steel bar meshes in templates. The machine is built on the basis of 9 double welding modules with an integrated transformer with a power of 32 kVA (P = 50%) and a clamping force of the electrodes 2×260 daN (at 6 bar). Thanks to this configuration, the welding sequence of individual electrodes can be freely controlled, which allows to reduce the demand for connection power by using welding with individual modules.

An automatic feeder for cross bars with diameters from 3 to 6 mm is installed on the welding machine, while the longitudinal bars are placed in the template by the operator. Interchangeable templates allow for welding meshes of any size and configuration of bars. In the presented machine, it is possible to weld nets with the maximum dimensions of 1300×1800 mm.

In the presented application the machine is controlled by the Siemens PLC, a large 15-inch HMI operator panel and 3 controllers of welding parameters TE101 prod. TECNA.

The welding machine is equipped with optical curtains limiting access to dangerous zones in order to ensure the operator’s safety.