and robotization

Inverter multi-point welding station type SW-12/2x90/MF for welding blades of shutter sieves

The multi-point welding station type SW-12/2×90/MF was built on the basis of a steel gantry structure with 12 welding actuators installed above the working field. On both sides of the gantry two inverter transformers with a capacity of 90 kVA (P=50%) each were installed. Along the gantry there are guides on which an appropriate template for welding shutter screens is placed.

On the side of the machine, there is a control cabinet with an operator panel, a Siemens PLC overriding controller and two TE700 inverter welding parameter controllers.

The station is operated by one operator who manually places the blades on the template, and when the entire template is filled with blades, welding starts. The welding positions and the sequence of performed points are programmed on the operator panel. Welding is carried out semi-automatically in accordance with a predetermined technology. The operator manually moves the template. When approaching the welding position, the template is fixed. After pressing the “start” buttons, the lower and upper electrodes are pressed against the detail and the welding operation takes place. After finishing welding, the electrodes return to their base position and the operator can move the template to the next welding position.

Depending on the technological needs, it is possible to weld:
• any number of electrodes (in the range 1-12) simultaneously or in a cascade,
• each electrode separately.