and robotization

Inverter mesh welding machine type SW-51/5x200/MF for production of 2D and 3D fence panels with bar feeders, palletizing system and rotary table

The presented welder is used for automatic welding of fencing panels with maximum dimensions of 2500 mm x 2500 mm from rods with diameters from 3 to 8 mm. All bars are fed automatically by 3 feeders: transverse, longitudinal and side for feeding the additional lower transverse bar in 2D panels.

The welding machine is based on 5 1000 Hz inverter transformers, each with a power of 200 kVA (P-50%) and 51 three-chamber welding actuators with a pressure force of 330 kg at 10 bar. Behind the welding field, a hydraulic press with a pressure of 150 tons was placed for the production of 3D bent panels.

At the end of the receiving table there is an area for automatic collection and palletizing of nets. In the palletizing zone, the feeder stacks the welded panels. Thanks to the use of a turntable, the collection of finished panels is carried out using a forklift, regardless of the operation of the machine.

On the main desktop of the machine, a master computer and the TecnaNet program for programming five TECNA TE700 controllers were installed, controlling the welding parameters: current value, air pressure, welding time, …

Due to the dimensions of the machine, an additional mobile desktop with a touch screen and a fifteen-meter cable has been installed on the structure, which enables convenient control of the actuators in the service mode.