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Inverter multi-spot welding machine For welding mesh and portable construction fences Type SW-9/2x240/MF With templates and palletizing system

We present an inverter multipoint welder type SW-9/2x240MF for welding meshes – fencing panels and portable construction fences, with interchangeable templates and a palletizing system.

The device consists of the following components:

1. Loading station with interchangeable base templates for laying longitudinal bars and panel frame. The station is made in the form of a two-level elevator with mechanical docking of two trolleys, which are alternately moved from the loading station to the welding zone. In this way, the welding of one panel is carried out in parallel with the loading of elements on the next, which saves time and optimizes production efficiency.

2. A gantry welder with 9 welding actuators with a pressure of 540 daN at 10 bar, with the possibility of adjusting the spacing and modifying the working pressure. Two TECNA 1000 Hz inverter transformers with a power of 200 KVA (P-50%) each were placed in the supporting poles of the module. Above the welding field there is an automatic transverse bar feeder equipped with 3 ejection modules with the possibility of adjusting the spacing of the bars.

3. Receiving table with a servo-driven palletizing manipulator with a pneumatic lifting and lowering system for the welded panel, which puts the finished panels on a pallet.

4. The control cabinet with PLC controllers and inverters is located next to the device, and the HMI operator panel and the TE700 welding parameter controller are mounted on the front.

5. The device is secured with an appropriate fence and optical barriers to meet the CE requirements and the safety of operators’ work. Optionally, exhaust gas extraction over the welding field and a closed-circuit water cooling unit were used.