and robotization

Automated station SG-2/2x160/MF for welding M8 nuts and engraving markings

The SG-2/2×160/MF type station is used for projection welding of nuts to car seat plates and engraving markings on the welded plates.

The project uses replaceable welding devices dedicated to each plate and a rotary table with three stations: 1. loading the plate, 2. feeding the nuts and welding them, 3. engraving markings. This design allows three operations to be performed simultaneously, which effectively shortens the process time. The welding station is equipped with two TECNA welding actuators with a pressing force of 732 daN and two TECNA inverter transformers with a rated power (P-50%) of 160 kVA.

Nuts are placed automatically on the pins using a vibrating feeder and their position is determined by a pneumatic nut positioning unit. The engraving station is based on a marking machine and a vision system that is responsible for checking the correctness of the engraving process.

The station was enclosed with a cage made of aluminum profiles with a defect separator inside. The station was cooled in a closed circuit using a refrigeration unit.
Operator safety is ensured by a front optical barrier that interrupts the process when the operator enters the dangerous area. An emergency stop button is located near the loading and unloading zone, cutting off the power supply to elements that may pose a danger.
The device is controlled by a master Siemens PLC system. In the front of the device there is a HMI touchscreen operator panel with a welding parameter controller.