and robotization

Inverter welding station type SG-2/1x160/MF for welding steel baskets of different dimensions

The stand is designed in the form of a kiosk with fixed guards and a movable front cover with a pressure safety bar to protect the operator.

After installing the device, selecting the appropriate welding program and manually loading the metal basket, the operator starts the cycle. Welding is carried out by two rotary heads with actuators with a maximum pressing force of 730 daN (at 6 bar). At the rear of the station there is a 1000 Hz inverter transformer with a power of 160 kVA (P-50%), manufactured by TECNA. After the corners of the basket are welded by the head with a rounded electrode, the straight mesh sections are welded with a straight electrode head. The correct welding position is ensured by a CNC table with the possibility of movement in the X and Y axes.

The device is controlled by the Siemens PLC system. The HMI operator panel is located in the front of the device. To control the welding parameters, the TE700 controller from TECNA was used, which allows the parameterization of welding programs for up to 300 different baskets.