and robotization

Specialized station type SM-2/1x80 for assembling and welding of exhaust system components

The presented station is used for spot welding elements of the exhaust system. The device has been designed in the form of a kiosk divided into two zones: manual assembly and automatic welding. A two-position rotary table, moving details between the zones, has been equipped with appropriate base instruments. In the assembly zone, after inserting the pipe on the base device, it is pressed through the press on the servo drive, controlled by a laser sensor. Then the operator puts on the remaining details and closes the clamps. In the welding zone, two pairs of movable welding tongs weld the details at given points.

The tongs move in three axes using servo drive, thanks to which details of various shapes can be welded on the station. Inside the body of the device there are mounted a TECNA welding transformer with a capacity of 100 kVA (P = 50%) and an air preparation unit with a ROSS master valve, with the highest safety category, a group of actuating valves and a proportional valve to the welding electrode pressure setting. The cooling water circulation is controlled by the KOBOLD main water flow sensor. The master PLC system from Siemens is used to control the device. In the front of the device there is a SIMATIC HMI operator panel and TECNA TE550 welding parameters controller. In the manual installation zone, SCHMERSAL protective optical barriers were used.