and robotization

Station type SP-4/1x160CH for pressing and welding a sleeve on shock absorber piston rod - version 2

In the version 2 of the station for pressing and welding a sleeve on the piston rod, in addition to customer-specific structural modifications, modern piston rod measurement using a laser gate and double RIFID tool identification system are used. The principle of operation of the device is the same as in the first version and is based on a rotary table with four stations: 1. loading the piston rod, 2. pressing the sleeve on the piston rod using the vibratory feeder, 3. welding in four points, 4. weld strength test. 

In order to obtain significant clamping force from small size cylinders, the Tox pneumohydraulic system was used. On the station there is a closed loop chiller used as well as Nedermann exhaust system. To control the station the TECNA welding controller and Siemens PLC control systems were used as well as MIYACHI meter for detailed welding parameters measurement.